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Another lockdown at Ningbo has exporters on edge

More than 300,000 people have been tested for coronavirus in a district in the port city of Ningbo, following an outbreak of the illness, detected on Monday.

The district of Zhenhai has been put on a two-week lockdown after five people tested positive for Covid-19. Early indications are that the measures taken by local authorities have yet to harm productivity at the port. Ningbo is home to the world’s largest port – it was partially closed in the summer for a fortnight after another Covid-19 outbreak.

Beijing’s strict zero-Covid policy has curbed local outbreaks with mass testing, snap lockdowns, vigilant surveillance and extensive quarantines. The country has struggled over the past couple of months to stamp out the illness however. Since October 17, China has reported at least one locally transmitted case everyday, as local outbreaks continue to flare up one after another with increasingly short intermissions.

Credit Splash24 by Sam Chambers

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