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Partial reopening of Ningbo terminal scheduled for next week

Shipping agent sources in Ningbo have ascertained the port’s planned reopening of its Meishan terminal.

The aim is for a partial reopening of the terminal from a week today. Meishan, which has been closed for seven days because of a single case of Covid, accounts for approximately 20% of the 30m teu the port handles annually. It is mainly used by the Ocean Alliance.

The terminal will partially reopen on the August 24, with a full reopening scheduled for September 1. Agents anticipate it will take 10 days to two weeks to clear the boxship backlog with the whole port back to normal operations by the middle of next month.

The port authority gave an update on operations today, claiming that despite Meishan’s closure it had been able to work at 90% capacity in recent days with many ships switching to different terminals. Despite this impressive achievement, the port, the world’s largest in overall tonnage terms, is experiencing unprecedented congestion with many liners deciding to skip calls there in the wake of the Covid case.

Ningbo’s municipal government has also given an update on its Covid investigations today. More than 90,000 people have been tested over the past week with no further positive cases reported. Credit: Splash24 by Sam Chambers

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