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REPACK Chauranga 2012 Telugu Movie English Subtitles Free Download


Chauranga 2012 telugu movie english subtitles free download

by BRIAN NADIG The municipal liquor store in Jefferson Park is drawing the ire of some residents who are calling for its closure, but some residents say the store is necessary. "The store is a nuisance," Alderman John Arena (45th) said during the Feb. 17 meeting of the Jefferson Park Committee. "The residents of that area in and of themselves have to deal with it. They want the store, but they have a right to complain, and we have to take that complaint seriously." Arena said that the store's license has long expired and that it has not been able to obtain a new license. The community organization "Friends of Jefferson Park" wants the store to be closed and the building sold, with proceeds going toward the construction of a park, but Arena said that the committee is unable to act on the request due to the expiration of the license. "Friends of Jefferson Park" has been making noise about the store since 2013 and most recently organized a petition drive last year to close the store. Some committee members feel that there is no need for the store when a liquor store is located in the neighborhood at 3801 N. Milwaukee Ave. However, a state law allows for certain types of liquor stores in manufacturing areas that "are not otherwise suitable" and that "are more appropriately located in a different geographical location." The law also allows for certain liquor stores in "distinct business districts" that "are not otherwise suitable." Several residents spoke out against the store during the committee meeting. "We've got a liquor store right here," another resident said. "We've got a convenience store right here. There's no need for a liquor store right here. We need a food store." The store, located on Irving Park Road, has been criticized by area residents for its late hours. The store typically opens at 9 a.m. and is open until midnight on weekdays and until 11 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Arena said that committee members can support the idea of the store closing but that they need more information before making a recommendation. "We don't know whether or not it will make a difference or not," Arena said. "We've got to know what the new owners will do with it. Maybe the owner will close it down and the new owner will open up a new store elsewhere." Some of the residents at the meeting said that the

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REPACK Chauranga 2012 Telugu Movie English Subtitles Free Download

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