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1UP Cargo emerged from the consolidation of various business sector units spanning Australia, Canada, the USA, South Africa, and New Zealand. In short, we've established ourselves as a premier entity in Supply Chain and Freight Forwarding Solutions across our markets. Our approach is customer-centric, offering bespoke Project Plans tailored to meet your needs rather than fitting you into pre-existing templates. Boasting a global network of over 6500 carefully selected partners and a presence on three continents, we are committed to enhancing your supply chain efficiency, ensuring timely and complete deliveries.

What distinguishes us is our proactive team of supply chain experts, available 24/7 to support your needs. Our team blends youthful dynamism with seasoned expertise, ensuring unwavering commitment to your supply chain's success. This balance also allows us to remain adaptive in a rapidly evolving industry, tweaking our strategies to seize competitive edges whenever possible.

Internal Controls and Quality Assurance 

Each file undergoes two stages of quality assurance before it is considered finalized.

Our Strategic Partners undergo regular evaluations every six months to ensure they maintain the highest service level agreements (SLAs). We collaborate with the most suitable partners for your specific needs based on commodity, transportation mode, and timing, rather than selecting them based on corporate affiliations or mandates from upper management.

We implement quality assurance across various departments including Sales, Customer Service, Finance, and Customs, adhering to a Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) principle.


1UP CARGO Mission Statement

Team of passionate Logistics Professionals who tailor international transportation solutions to boost supply chain efficiencies and effectiveness for our clients. We believe in holding a solid team of professionals who share our passion, and this is reflected in the high-quality service we deliver to our clients.

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