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Appointment of Conciliation Officers

Further to our last update regarding the ILWU’s filing of the Notice of Dispute to the Minister of Labour under the Canada Labour Code, two conciliation officers from the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service have been appointed to this matter today. The Conciliation Officers appointed include Ms. Kathy Peters, Regional Director – Pacific Region and Mr. Peter Simpson, Director-General.

Pursuant to the Canada Labour Code, the conciliation officers have a 60-day mandate from the day of appointment. Any extension beyond 60 days can be made only by mutual consent of the parties. At the end of the conciliation period, a 21-day cooling off period begins.

BCMEA remains committed to working with the Conciliation Officers through the conciliation process with the sincere objective of reaching a fair and equitable agreement that recognizes the efforts and skills of B.C.’s waterfront workforce, while also ensuring West Coast ports remain competitive, resilient and affordable for all Canadians.

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