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CN reopens key Port of Vancouver rail line — again

CN has resumed service on its Kamloops-Vancouver corridor, the Canadian railway said on Monday, restoring a critical rail link to the Port of Vancouver.

The rail corridor was shut down three weeks ago as a result of damages brought by flooding and landslides that devastated British Columbia. CN had briefly restored service two weeks later before shutting it down again as a precautionary measure.

“CN crews will continue to monitor both the rail infrastructure as well as the terrain over the coming days and weeks to come,” the railway said in a statement.

The resumption of CN’s Kamloops-Vancouver service should give the Port of Vancouver much-needed relief from a massive backlog of rail shipments and vessels. As of Monday morning, 53 vessels, including six container ships, were waiting to berth — a level of congestion that has persisted for more than a week.

CN has been sharing Canadian Pacific’s Kamloops-Vancouver line, which resumed operations two weeks ago. But the traffic running through has been extremely limited.

The volume of containers leaving Vancouver by rail remains down by about two-thirds.

The volume of containers coming out of Vancouver via rail has been slowly recovering. As of Sunday, the outbound container volume from Vancouver stood at about 37% of its pre-disruption level, according to FreightWaves’ SONAR platform.

Credit Freightwaves by Nate Tabak

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