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Seasonal measures for Brown marmorated stink bug (#BMSB)

The #Department_of_Agriculture of #Australia (the department) has provided to DCCC members the following draft copies of the #safeguarding application form, additional supply chain details form and a draft of the biosecurity hitchhiker pest contamination guide to assist importers in preparing their applications.

These documents will become available on the department’s website in the coming weeks as sample documents to allow importers to familiarise themselves with the requirements of the scheme and application process prior to the scheme opening for broader applications.

Why BMSB Safeguarding Arrangements ?

The department is developing a new safeguarding arrangements scheme to allow certain goods and supply chains to be recognised under safeguarding arrangements.

Under the scheme, approved participants (importers, NOT customs brokers and forwarders) will be recognised for their ability to manage biosecurity risk offshore, including seasonal hitchhiker pest risk such as BMSB, from the point of manufacture to the point of embarkation.

The scheme will consider the ability of the entity to manage and reduce biosecurity risk by providing risk management plans of the goods they expect to import that may be susceptible to infestation by seasonal hitchhiker pests and/or other contaminants.

The scheme is being trialled with a small number of select importers before being opened to all other importers, however it is unlikely the scheme will be available for the start of the BMSB season and opened to all importers.

We will keep you informed of any further developments as more information on the scheme is made available soon by the department.

Any specific questions relating to the policy for seasonal pests can be emailed to

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